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Neal(ed)It Photography started as a hobby, grew as a necessity, and expanded because of a desire to improve other artists' lives.

Hi I'm Neal Kowalsky and I have been playing with cameras and photography for most of my life. I was never serious and never had any goals to make it a profession. 

Originally (and still) a Director in Theatre, I began photographing my own productions in 2013. Soon after I began portrait photography and in 2019 started photographing concerts (and 2020 began some small wedding ceremonies).


For two seasons, I was the director of promotions and social media for The Mac-Haydn Theatre. Part of my job was taking all promotional and production photos for the season.  

I am also a former photographer for StarQuest Dance Competitions.


My biggest goal with taking the next stop of Neal(ed)It Photography is to bring an affordable option to artists. I am well BELOW THE MARKET PRICE for a few reasons:

  • I believe artists should be able to afford to update their photos as often as possible. An affordable session can mean more freedom to repeat sessions if something changes, (hair, weight, and the dreaded aging we all go through).

  • I do not believe an essential element of our career should cost us a weekly paycheck. 

  • I think it is important to have options. To be able to go through a bunch of different looks and decide what is right for that audition or submission.

Please fill out the contact form to get more detailed information about rates, availability, and other inquiries.  And thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website.

-Neal Kowalsky

Neal(ed)It Photography

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